The Message

Currently, as per official statistics, there are 161 million 'Dalits', or 'untouchables', in India. But in fact, there're at least 300 million of them disguised under different categories. These people have been victims of a system of apartheid based on caste for the last 3,000 years in the land of Buddha and in a country that stands for peace and anti-colonialism.

It's impossible to understand India unless you understand caste, and anyone traveling to India should attend this play. While this play had several highly acclaimed performances in New York, more need to be done throughout its production to gain national and international exposure, especially in the West. For an instance, liberation of South Africa could not have happened (partly) but for the anti-apartheid campaign throughout the West. This play takes a leaf from that campaign and projects into the future.

Theater has long been an instrument of social change, and the play, GANDHI, UNTOUCHABLES AND ME is an intensely personal story that brings anti-caste message into the forefront.

You can help in two ways: by helping to raise awareness, and by arranging to stage the play in your community.

Please spread the word by telling everyone you know - especially bloggers and members of the press - about the tragic plight of the untouchables in India and about the play.

Your contribution can help alleviate the suffering of millions of people from this tragic and senseless social injustice.

Please contact your friends with personal blogs and ask them to post an entry about this awareness campaign against caste apartheid.

Please forward this to your friends, family and community to support this project.

You have the power to make this happen.

We all know in experimental theater profit is not the motive. And this play is a love of my life and the cause I stood by all my life leaving my family and my country of origin.

If you can help, please contact

Your contributions bring positive changes in our global community as we live in a global village. Discrimination anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere.